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We're leading Car Tracking Company in Nigeria

Our Super Powers

No Hidden Charges, One Time Billings, No Renewals

We pride ourselves to be the only car tracking company in Nigeria that don't charge renewal fees. You pay only once and that's all. T&C Applies.

Free Recovery In Case Of Theft

Why would you pay to have a car tracker device installed and also pay for recovery? That's ridiculous...We recover your vehicle for free incase of theft

Top Quality After Sales Support

Our after sales support is topnotch. We provide a dedicated support staff to every customer to ensure that all your queries are promptly attended to.



Welcome to Car tracking Nigeria. You probably must have found our website via any of the medium below:

  • Search Engine (You searched for “The Best Car Tracking Company Nigeria” on Google)
  • Referral Traffic (One of our satisfied customer referred you to us)
  • Paid Advertisement (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)

We are Nigeria’s leading Car tracking company with presence in over 12 states. Car Tracking Nigeria is made up of a team of experienced car tracker installation experts, who are passionate about automobile security and fleet management.

Our history goes back to 2005 when car owners in Nigeria were faced with incessant cases of car theft. These awful events became predominant in Abuja, Lagos, Benin, and Port Harcourt till the later part of 2006 when we signed a partnership agreement with Nigeria’s telecommunication Giant- MTN Nigeria.

Our Partnership with MTN Nigeria gave us the leverage to offer car tracker services to clients across Nigeria at affordable rates. Vehicle owners were able to purchase and install MTN car tracker device without the hassles of importing the hardware themselves.

With the years we have dedicated in redefining the way car tracking services are rendered, it will be safe to say that, Car Tracking Nigeria is one of the pioneering Car Tracking companies in Nigeria.

We are the first car tracking company in Lagos to implement GEOFENCE feature for monitoring vehicle’s movement within a defined perimeter.

Primero transport service limited(handlers of the Lagos State BRT buses) is one of our major benefactors. Our geofencing technology is responsible for the BRT Buses guided movement within its predefined routes.

Car Tracking Nigeria currently offers the sales and servicing of car tracker devices as well as setup of dedicated fleet management software to clients in all endeavors.

With our years of experience in the business, you can trust us to have the best solution as regards to car tracking in Nigeria. See below our frequently asked questions tabs and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

frequently asked questions about our


We currently have 3 packages for our car tracking services. The Basic, Premium, and Advance. All of the 3 packages are installed with the same device. The major difference is the App functionality.

This package comes with the default functionality of every tracking device. It has just 3 functions
1. Demobilization (You can stop your car with the tracker)
2. Re-mobilization (You can start your car with the tracker)
3. Location Tracking (You can see your car’s exact location with the tracker)

1. All the functions of the Basic
2. Comes with our App, can carryout over 20 additional functions(click here to the see the full features)
3. Priority Support

1. All the functions of the Basic
2. All the functions of the Premium
3. Over 10 Additional Alerts Notifications
4. Push Notifications
5. Exportable Reports
6. Dedicated and Priority Support

Our prices are dependent on the package you choose. Basically the prices range from 35,000naira to 60,000naira.

The basic plan is our cheapest and it sells for 35,000naira. However, it can be upgraded to the premium. So if you are on a tight budget, you can start with the basic and later on upgrade to the premium or advance.

Click here to see our packages and their prices.

Our bike gps tracking system is offered at 40,000naira. Below are the features that comes with it.

1. Real-time Tracking with our proprietary Bike Tracker App
2. Replay Bike’s Movement History
3. Real-time position monitoring
4. Geo Fencing and perimeter control
5. Mileage reports
6. Trip routing
7. Over speed report
8. Under speed report
9. Movement monitoring. etc

We don’t charge renewal fees or subscription fees for our tracking services.

However, we charge renewal fees for our fleet management solution.
Fleet management is different from normal vehicle tracking, it’s basically for clients with more cars(5 – above) and clients that wants us to handle the optimal running of their fleet.

This require us to recharge the sims cards in the tracker device with Airtime and Data on monthly basis.

The client will be provided with a dedicated and priority support
The client will also be provided with a customized cloud based App for tracking and monitoring their fleet. The Apps comes with over 50 functionalities and every report are exportable In PDF, Excel and HTMl.

Contact us for more details on fleet tracking

Sure we do. Our devices comes with 12 months warranty.

For References of companies we are currently serving, find the list below

1. Cormart Nigeria Limited
2. Chi Farms
3. Union Bank Nigeria HeadQuarter
4. GMT Haulages
5. GOC Automobile
6. Courier Plus
7. Dangote sugar refinery
8. Turner Wright LTD
9. Nichemex Textiles
10. Starz Marine
11. Godrej Nigeria Limited
12. Mouka Foam
13. Diamond Bank
14. The British Council Nigeria
15. Primero TSL

Yes we can and we don’t charge extra for this.

Cost for car tracking in nigeria

Discount applies for all purchases above 5 units. 

40000 PER UNIT
  • App Tracking
  • Web/PC Tracking
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Movement Alerts
  • History Reports
  • Geo Fencing
  • Mileage reports
  • Offline Monitor
  • Tamper Alert
  • Travel sheet report
  • Trip routing
  • Over-Speed Alert
  • Location with Map
  • Demobilize Vehicle
  • Mobilize Vehicle
  • Voice Monitoring
  • Lifetime Support
  • Free Upgrade
50000 PER UNIT
  • App Tracking
  • Web/PC Tracking
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Movement Alerts
  • History Reports
  • Geo Fencing
  • Mileage reports
  • Offline Monitor
  • Tamper Alert
  • Travel sheet report
  • Trip routing
  • Over-Speed Alert
  • Location with Map
  • Demobilize Vehicle
  • Mobilize Vehicle
  • Voice Monitoring
  • Lifetime Support
  • Free Upgrade





All Premium Features
Priority & Dedicated Support
Over 30 Printable Reports
Dedicated Tracking Account
Drivers Behaviour Monitoring
Renewal After First Year
Free Update/Upgrade
Lifetime Validity




Professional Consultation


For sales and Installations, please contact us through:

HEAD OFFICE: Suite D28 Asset Corp Plaza,

#21 Obafemi Awolowo Way, opp Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos

Phone: 08037459093,08090111175

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