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All you Need to Know about how to drive a manual car

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You got a new car and it is a manual transmission car and you want to learn how you can drive it? Or are you just inquisitive about how to drive a manual car?

It does not matter which you belong, all that is important now is that in this post, you will learn all you should know about how to drive a manual car.


You must have been aware that there are manual transmission cars are there are automatic ones.

A manual transmission or manual gearbox is a car which uses a stick to shift gears and a clutch usually engaged or disengaged by a foot pedal or hand lever.

Manual vehicles are pretty more technical to drive. Be that as it may, do not panic after all; this guide will help you learn how to drive a manual car.

Step By Step Guide of How to Drive a Manual Car

An automatic car do not need much of technical steps as the manual cars require in driving it. Before we get down to the steps I have for you, I wish to let you know that a manual car has three (3) pedals:

  • The Brake
  • The Accelerator and
  • The Clutch

The brake is used to lessen speed or simply slow down. The harder you press the brake, the quicker you slow down. The accelerator is a pedal used to increase speed; pressing it down increases the revolution of the engine, thereby causing the car to move faster.

The clutch therefore connects the engine to the driving wheels. Pressing down the clutch disconnects the driving wheel from the clutch. The clutch actually is the tool that makes driving manual car more technical.

Flow these steps of how to drive a manual car to get your manual car rolling on the road:


Get into your manual car and put your seatbelt. Ensure that the car is in a neutral state, for safety reasons.


Turn the ignition on by turning it halfway. Let the car sensors pick their readings while it gets on.


Press down the clutch which is the left pedal to disengage the engine from the driving wheels.


Now, move the gear stick to the first following the guide on the gear lever.


Press down the accelerator slightly using your right foot to increase the car engine rev gradually.


Lift you left foot slowly from the clutch pedal until it begins to vibrate. This vibration is called the “bite point” of the vehicle; it is a point when the clutch plates begin to come together.

Last Step of How to Drive a Manual Car

Remove the handbrake to let the car move. Slowly lift your left foot from the clutch while you press the right foot gently on the accelerator. There you move!

Your pace depends on how much you press down the accelerator. But remember that each time you want to change the gear, do make sure you press down the clutch, else you cannot pull the lever.

Also, release the accelerator anytime you want to change gear.
Now you can go drive your manual car, having learned how to drive it. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any.

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