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How much does uber driver make weekly in nigeria

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Do you wonder how much Uber Drivers make on weekly basis in Nigeria? Or are you hoping to become and Uber driver and want know your potential earnings? Whatever it is, you have come to right way to get an answer.

In this article, you will learn how much Uber Drivers make in Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja), and how they can increase their earnings.

Before we continue, you must understand that Uber drivers do not earn a specific salary. They earn from how much they get from trips. Their earnings also depend on various factors and we have given here an estimated amount an average Uber driver in Nigeria makes per week.

We have made this estimation with an establishment of some assumptions. Therefore, we assumed that:

  • The Uber driver did not experience a car breakdown
  • No accident happened
  • The driver was not caught for failing a traffic order
  • There was no traffic jam that would bring about delays

Our estimate is based on the fact the an Uber driver worked 7 days per week on the average level.


The first place Uber started operating in Nigeria is Lagos. The reason is not from from the fact that Lagos has an everyday growing population. Lagos also has a good number average and high class citizens who can a good afford the charge for Uber services.

An Uber driver in Lagos who is out for business can hack into the huge market Lagos provides and go home, smiling to the bank. How is this possible? Let’s see.

Uber charges N400 to N3, 800 per trip depending on factors like distance, amount of load and others. And on the average, they charge N1000.

An average Uber driver works fro five hours and in one hour, he is expected to have gone for two trips. If you are following you will understand that he makes N2000 per hour.

After five hours, we can say he made N10, 000 everyday. From here you can see with me that an Uber driver can make N60, 000 per week (excluding a resting day). Isn’t this awesome?

Well, before you let salive drip from your mouth because of what you are seeing, you must understand that the Uber driver will take care of certain charges.

He takes care of the car in case of breakdown, he is responsible for toll gate charges and other necessary traffic fees.


Wondered how much Uber drivers make in Abuja?

You may be thinking what I thought before now about the retched state of Uber driver in Abuja. Of course Abuja is not as populated as Lagos; who will even care about Uber? Abuja is an administrative place and it wouldn’t be necessary to driver Uber there.

If you have been thinking in this line, I am sorry you have been deceived by whom I think it’s yourself. Our findings for how much Uber drivers make in Abuja is amazing.

Beating all the delusions and assumptions, Uber drivers in Abuja makes the same thing as Uber Drivers in Lagos. Maybe they use this trick I stated below. Scroll down to see what I speak about.

How to Make More Money as Uber Driver in Nigeria

Yes, how Uber drivers make money in Nigeria is by picking and dropping passengers. But if you must make more, I hope this trick helps you:

  • Identify zones where the Uber service is most requested from and always be around there.
  • You can have both Taxify and Uber accounts so that you get trips from both them.
  • Lastly, you can get a call card which you can easily slip into the hands of your passengers, informing them that you ads usually available for drops and charter. How about that?

Although I am not sure about the compliance of this last one with thr terms of Uber, but being smart enough can really give you a boost.

In conclusion, I believe you now know how much Uber drivers make in Nigeria. If it interests you, why not get started with it today.

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