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Taxify Nigeria: Everything You Need To Know

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You certainly have heard about Taxify or Bolt and wants to find out what it is all about. Anyway, it is good to be inquisitive and it is more beautiful to find a right answer. In this article, you will learn everything you will need to know and get started with Taxify Nigeria.

What is Taxify Nigeria?

We must answer the question of “What is Taxify?” Well, Taxify (now known as Bolt) is an Estonian ride-hailing company that was started in August 2013 by Markus Villig.

Bolt (formerly Taxify) is known to be operating in about 30 countries of the world including Nigeria. The company made a huge sum of €79.7 million in 2018, from their riding services. Certainly, the company has come to stand and stand firm.

How Does Taxify Work?

If you are wondering how Taxify works in Nigeria, then you may not be wrong being here. The working principle is absolutely simple:

Download the ap. Register. Call for a driver. Get picked and be taken to your destination. Pay for the trip. Este your driver.

It is that simple. But does it all end there? Let’s find out.

Taxify Nigeria works with registered drivers who has their own car or using a car given by Taxify themself. These drivers are connected to passengers by the company (Taxify or Bolt). The company now gets some percentage of the trip fare, after a successful trip has been delivered.

A user simply needs to follow the processes described earlier, in order to enjoy the Taxify services.

How to Use Taxify App

In order to use the Taxify app and order or call for a driver, you must be a registered user. If you are already signed up, simply tap the app icon to open it

  • Set your pick-up location and the destination you are headed.
  • Select the package you want to ride with and complete your order

On doing that, the driver closest to your location will be alerted by the company and you will get picked in a matter of some minutes.

How to Register for Taxify

Registration with Taxify Nigeria can be as a user, a driver or a fleet owner.

If you are merely an individual who wants to enjoy the services of Taxify, you only need to download the mobile app from your device’s app store and sign up afterwards.

To get started as a Taxify driver in Nigeria, you also need to visit the Taxify website and sign up as a driver. You simply click here to learn more about how you can register as a Taxify driver.

If you want to invest in Taxify, you could simply register as a fleet owner. This means you will give the company some cars in return for some monthly payments from the drivers to which your cars are allotted.

To register as a Taxify fleet owner, kindly click here

How can Become a Taxify Nigeria Driver?

To become a Taxify driver in Nigeria, you only need to take certain simple steps:

  • Sign up as a driver by registering your profile.
  • Attend the Taxify training
  • Get your car accredited. If you do not have a car, Taxify will give you a car from the ones provided by fleet owners.
  • Get Activated and Verified by the company

To sign up as a driver, Click Here

Do you want to contact Taxify Nigeria through their mail?

You can simply write the company a mail via their address at [email protected]


At this point, I must agree you have been able to gather the things you need to know about Taxify Nigeria. If you have questions to ask or suggestions to make, simply use the comment section.


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