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Taxify Promo Code: Get Free Credit On Your First Ride

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Do you know you can get a free ride or a discount on your trip with Taxify? With the Taxify promo code, this will be possible. So if you want to enjoy any of these, read through this article carefully.

The Taxify promo code is actually a product of the price-war between the two ride-hailing giants operating in Nigeria: Uber and Taxify (Bolt). Taxify however brings down the cost of first trip for new passengers.

Who is Eligible For Taxify Promo Code?

Well, the Taxify promo code is available to both new users and old customers, but the value of the code is lower for the old customer. That is to say that the price or values of code varies with customers.

New Taxify users get a value between N1500 to N3000. On the other hand, old Taxify users can get a code valued between N500 to N1000.

Today, Taxify has had over 10 million rides. This good number of ride has been made possible due to their referral program. Those enrolled on the Taxify (Bolt) referral program could share their unique codes for new users to get a free ride. You can also get a discount or free ride from the app.

How to Get the Taxify (Bolt) Promo Code

You may be asking “How can I get the Taxify Promo code?” But our answer is that, it only involves simple processes to get one and get your trip fare discounted.

As stated above, you can get the code from referrals or friends. It is shared on Twitter and on many online platforms. You only have to search them.

The promo code for new Taxify users GYDG6. You will need to enter this code before you book your trip.

How to Use a Promo Code

To be able to use the Taxify promo code and enjoy the free ride or the attached discount, all you need do is to enter the promo code before you you request your trip. Simply follow these procedures to get started with the Promo Code.

  • Log unto Taxify app (If you already have an account). If you don’t have an account, simply click the “Sign-up” button.
  • Tap on ‘Payment’ button
  • Choose your desired payment method ( Either Card or Cash)
  • Return to the Main Menu and click on Promotions
  • Now, enter the promo code and click on Apply.

How to get a Promo Code as an Old User

Yes, old Taxify users can also have access to the Taxify promo codes. Although this now seldom comes. If you are really interested in getting the promo codes to enjoy free ride or discounts, take these advice:

  • Refer your friend to become a Bolt rider and you could be rewarded with a promo code.
  • You can get the Taxify promo code from a Bolt sponsored event
  • Do check your email for occasional exclusive deals from Taxify (Bolt); you may be lucky and it will come your way.


Definitely you can get free rides or discounts with promo codes but it can only be used once. The validity of the code also does not last more than 14 days.

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