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Uber lagos: Requirements, How to Register, Contact Details

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Uber is actually one of the biggest (if jot the biggest) ride-hailing company in world. Uber is currently operates in about 45 countries around the globe. In Nigeria, Uber only functions in Lagos and Abuja. In this post, we shall tear open all you should know about Uber Lagos: the requirements, how you can register and the contact details of the company.

What are the Requirements for Uber Lagos?

You could be asking what it takes to use Uber services in Lagos or even become an Uber driver. Anyway, we shall take the Uber requirements in two dimensions: the requirements for Uber users and the requirements to become an Uber driver.

Requirements for Uber Users in Lagos

To be able to use the services of Uber ride hailing company, we suggest you meet the following requirements:

  • First, it is expected that you are old enough to take your own personal decisions.
  • Of course you should be able to pay for the ride after a successful trip.
  • You must be educated or smart enough to use the Uber app. It is with the app that you call for driver and also pay when you cannot pay with cash.

Requirements to Become and Uber Lagos Driver

On the other hand, if you want to become an Uber driver in Lagos, you should meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a Nigerian driving licence, good enough to allow you drive in Lagos.
  • The car which you are to use for the service must be in a good working condition with air conditioner, must be a four-door car, working radio system and be insured.
  • Uber Drivers must be people who have enough sanity.

With these requirements done, then you can go ahead and apply to become an Uber driver in Lagos.

How to Register for Uber

If you are in either Lagos or Abuja, you can register and use the Uber services. The registration is done over the Uber mobile app, but you can still register via the Uber website at www.uber.com

To register with Uber as, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Tap the Uber App icon on your phone, to open the app
  • Click on the Sign Up button
  • Tap the “Country” drop down menu and select Nigeria as your country.
  • Enter your phone number then go ahead to verify your phone number.
  • Input the verification code that will be sent to your phone number, which you entered.
  • After the verification, type in your name, email address and contact details.
  • Click the “Sign Up” button to continue.

Having done this, you can now go ahead and enjoy the Uber services.

Hey! You can also register with Uber as a driver and make good bucks. All you need is simple.

If you must become an Uber driver in Lagos, then you should read this article about how to become an Uber driver in Nigeria (Lagos).

Uber Lagos Contact Details

Perhaps you must reach Uber company for enquiries or assistance. It could be other reasons, simply visit them at:

Address: Retail unit no. 5. Second upper floor, Maryland Mall, 350/360 Ikorodu Road

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9am – 4pm, Friday: 9am – 3pm


Now that you have got the knowledge of Uber Lagos, what’s the next productive step? Anyway leave here in the comment section your questions and suggestions.

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