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Uber Nigeria: Everything You Need To Know

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Have you been hearing about Uber in Lagos and Abuja but you do not really know what it is? Very well, it might not be far from what you may have been hearing about it, but what if you have no clue about it at all? In this article, we shall tear open and let you know all you should about Uber Nigeria.

What is Uber?

In the first place, what is Uber? Uber Incorporated is a US owned ride-hailing company that currently operates in about 45 countries of the world. This company provides a sort of taxi services within metropolitan areas and cities.

Uber was founded in 2009 by Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick, bearing the name UberCab. In 2010, it got its current name Uber. Uber Nigeria however, is one of the subsidiaries of the Uber Company. In Nigeria, Uber functions only in Lagos and Abuja.

How Does Uber Work?

Well, the working principle of Uber Nigeria is quite simple. To use Uber services, all you need do is get the Uber service mobile app installed on your phone, signup, call for a driver and get picked to your destination. Pay after the trip and rate your driver. Yes, it is that simple.

What does Uber really own those cars?

It might surprise you to know that Uber own little or no car used for the Uber services in Nigeria. The cars used for Uber services are either owned by the drivers themselves or investors (fleet owners).

When you register with Uber as driver, you could use your own car or be allotted a vehicle by Uber. You will need to remit some parts the gains to the car owner (If Uber gives you a car) and also remit some percentage to the company (Uber).

Whenever an Uber user calls for a ride or a driver, Uber company however connects to the nearest driver and asks him to pick a passenger at a given pickup point or location.

How to Use Uber App

In order to use the services of Uber, you must download the Uber app and be able to use it. Thus if it your first time of using the app, you might need a guide through how you can get along with the app.

  • First, click the app icon on your phone to open the app
  • On the app’s first page, tap on the “Where to?’ button to choose or type in where you are headed.
  • Enter exact location you are going and also put in your pickup point (where you need the driver to come pick you).
  • Review the trip fare and if it is good by you, finish the order.

In a matter of minutes, Uber Nigeria will connect a driver who comes to get you to your desired location.

How to Register for Uber Nigeria

You can register with Uber either via the mobile app or by going through the company’s website at www.uber.com 

On the registration (Signup) page:

  • Select your country as Nigeria and type in your phone number
  • Input the verification code pushed to your phone
  • Enter your name and your desired password
  • Sign up and conclude by entering your payment options.

Uber Nigeria Car Requirements

In order to become an Uber driver in Nigeria, your car must meet certain requirements. These Uber car requirements are:

  • Your car must be in a good working condition
  • The car’s air condition network must be working perfectly
  • Uber cars must have functional radio system
  • The car must be a four-door car, properly covered by insurance.

How to Become an Uber Driver

It is gainful to be an Uber Nigeria driver. You would be making hundreds of thousands driving for Uber monthly.

Fortunately, you must not have a car before you can become an Uber driver; Uber company can give you a car and you are good to go. Learn more about how to become an Uber driver in Nigeria here.

Uber Customer Care Line

Perhaps you need to make further enquiries from Uber Nigeria or you need assistance from them, thus looking for their contact details. Find below the contact information of Uber:

Phone: 08081697334 or 08081697335

You can always contact Uber via the “Help” feature on the Uber mobile app.

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